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Lily Allen, Not Big

June 26, 2006


  • Lily Allen – Not Big
  • “Not Big,” by cute little English girl Lily Allen, is a poppy, boppy little ball of fluff that will take you forever to get out of your head, and the lyrics will be stuck in there, resulting in your wandering around singing this absently everywhere you go for days.

    Which is really unfortunate, because the song is cruel. And hilariously filthy. You see, the poor narrator of the song got broken up with, and rather coolly begins listing all the ways in which the guy was a big sexual zero, and the hurtful ways in which she intends to get back at him. Publicly.

    Sample lyrics:

    I can see it in your face as you break it to me gently that you really must think you’re great
    Let’s see how you feel in a couple of weeks when I work my way through your mates

    And the chorus:

    I never wanted it to end up this way
    You’ve only got yourself to blame
    I’m gonna tell the world you’re rubbish in bed now
    And that you’re small in the game

    If you do nothing else this week to put a smile on your face, download this and have a good laugh. If you like it, you could go to her MySpace page and download four more songs (“Smile” is also quite good) or you could go here and watch some video or check out tour dates. You can also go here to buy the CD, “Alright Still” — it’ll be released July 20.

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