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Best of 2006, Pt. 7

December 25, 2006

More songs from a road trip;

I fondly remember the ’80s, which were my middle school – early college years. I also remember them in great detail — I was having the time of my life! This song — Just Got Lucky, by the JoBoxers — is a detail I’ve never forgotten; one of the best of the decade, in my opinion.

It’s from 1983, the era of New Wave and New Romantics, and it’s a joy to drive and sing along to, so it made on the road trip cds too. Here’s the video, which I used to watch on USA Network’s Night Flight back in the day, along with Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill” video and the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains,” starring a young Diane Lane & Laura Dern.

…That dog is so damn cute.

I digress.

The Go! Team’s Ladyflash is … without genre that I can name and pretty much indescribable, but it is summer driving music. It’s mellow yet exciting, and full of energy.

And the Four Tops version of Walk Away Renee is somehow more melancholy and depressingly pretty than the Left Banke version.

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