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The Echoing Trickle

October 31, 2007

Huntington Chapel
Green Lawn Cemetery
Columbus, Ohio

Imagine walking into a chapel/mausoleum in the middle of a sprawling old cemetery; the chapel is grandly beautiful, with windows by Tiffany. The moment you walk in, you hear a loud, echoing trickle. After a couple of turns, you find yourself in a newer area, again, grandly appointed.

Turn around and you see the fountain above, rusting, barely spitting out anything, but doing so very loudly.

Maybe it’s the rust, or entropy obviously having its way with something in an otherwise immaculately maintained mausoleum, or just the water itself; sometimes, in the right context, even water can be eerie. Maybe it’s the loud, insistent noise in such a … deathly … quiet environment. All I know, is that this is by far the most unsettling thing in the chapel.

Nick Cave – Red Right Hand

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell

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