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October 6, 2009

Another magnificent crypt from West Lawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio

See large

The Blenders – Graveyard

Alice Cooper – Cold Ethyl

Vincent Price – To Raise The Dead

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  1. October 7, 2009 3:45 pm

    Maybe it’s the ornate font, or the fact that it’s set into the hillside, but this looks like the kind of crypt you might find in the Shire. Poor dead hobbitses.

  2. Dane permalink
    October 7, 2009 9:02 pm

    “Poor dead hobbitses” really made me laugh. 🙂

  3. October 8, 2009 12:22 am

    This is a great one. It looks like someone is home and would answer the door if you knocked.

  4. Dane permalink
    October 9, 2009 1:03 am

    With “You rang?” no doubt. 🙂

  5. October 9, 2009 10:52 am

    I love the steps up to these crypts! It gives it such weight to the idea of going in. It’s like there’s pomp and circumstance to the whole event.

    I really like this one! It has such character with the different shades of gray in the stones, the near-black latticework (or whatever it is) at the top and going down the sides, those rust-orange columns, the curve to the name, and that little “attic” window. What an awesome looking burial site!!

  6. October 9, 2009 10:54 am

    John – I just read your comment, and you are SO right! It does look like someone is home.

    Maybe that’s why it’s such an interesting look to me……because it looks more like a house than a crypt.

  7. Dane permalink
    October 10, 2009 11:34 pm

    Carrie: The orange/rusty columns is what does it for me. They’re so striking, not something you see often.

  8. October 13, 2009 4:45 pm

    wow. what an amazing crypt! i can just see your face now upon finding it!

  9. Dane permalink
    October 13, 2009 8:13 pm

    Yes, I’ll bet you can. 🙂

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