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New Year’s Eve & My Favorite Movie

December 31, 2010

Despite the amusing insinuations of Greg Ferrara of Cinema Stylesthat this is proof of lowly breeding, one of my most beloved movies ever and a special favorite this time of year, is When Harry Met Sally. (Greg apologized very nicely, which just made me giggle more. Seriously, no one’s ever accused me of being too classy for the room.)

I rented it repeatedly all through college, it validated my belief that the strongest relationships are built on solid friendships, and the soundtrack introduced me to Harry Connick, Jr. (and by extension, to jazz in general). And there’s so much to love in this movie. Billy & Meg, back when they were still lovable! Carrie Fisher! A couple of big city, fancy dress New Year’s Eve parties like you always think you’ll go to someday when you grow up! Great lines! Great music!

I’m on my third cd of the soundtrack, because before the days of ripping mp3s to the hard drive, I wore out that many of them just playing them so often. The thing is, while I’m not exactly complaining, the only music on it is Harry’s, and only a couple of his songs made it into the movie; the theme (“It Had To Be You”) and “I Could Write a Book.” The rest of the music on the soundtrack is his versions of the songs in the movie. (Well, some; he didn’t cover “Ramblin’ Man” or the other ’70s music in the diner. Thankfully.)

Kelly Stitzel of Popdose (one of my favorite new discoveries!) compiled a post recently in which she hunted down and posted up the rest of the music, so with many, many thanks to her, here are some selections from the movie’s full soundtrack.

Happy New Year! And remember, there’s someone staring at you in Personal Growth.

The Allman Brothers Band – Ramblin’ Man

Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds – Don’t Pull Your Love

Jennifer Warnes – Right Time of the Night

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Love Is Here To Stay

Harry Connick, Jr. – It Had to Be You (big band, vocals)

Ella Fitzgerald – Where or When

Harry Connick, Jr. – It Had to Be You (trio instrumental) (this simple, pared down version is the most evocative song on the soundtrack for me.)

Ray Charles – Winter Wonderland

Harry Connick, Jr. – I Could Write a Book

Frank Sinatra – It Had To Be You

And one more song that was played in the movie but didn’t make the soundtrack:

Guy Lombardo – Auld Lang Syne

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, whether you’re out at a fancy party or home having a good time relaxing.

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  1. December 31, 2010 5:02 pm

    HNY you x

  2. Todd permalink
    January 2, 2011 8:23 pm

    If I remember correctly…I may have supplied you with your first copy. Ha!

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