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Columbus Commons Carousel

July 8, 2011

In 1989, a great big super fancy mall was built in the heart of downtown, right close to the statehouse. I spent a lot of time there in college. My oldest friend would show up on weekends and wake me out of a sound sleep to take me to the Coffee Beanery. I got my post-college/pre-first real job makeover in the Jacobson’s salon. I marveled at the Christmas decorations in Marshall Fields’s. Once, my fiance’ needed me to drive him home and we met beside this sculpture. He’d had to stop at the Lazarus that was just beyond it for something to wear to work (long story) and I remember the exact outfit he bought, down to the shoes. When he felt the shirt was no longer professional-looking enough to wear to work, I swiped it. I still have it. It’s a good shirt, what can I say?

In 2009, the mall was torn down. This year, the Columbus Commons, a spiffy new park with landscaping, a carousel (above), a fancy hamburger stand, and a bandstand opened up. My friend Brenda and I went a few weeks ago. It’s a nice place, there’s plenty to do. Not a bad idea to have a place where people can legitimately just hang out after work in a pleasant, safe area – and it’s open quite late and there’s good security.

It’s just a bit odd, walking around on open grass where I used to buy lipstick with girlfriends and seeing rough, raw sides of buildings that weren’t seen before because they abutted the mall.

The Mambo All-Stars – Perfidia

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