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September 18, 2011

We’ve had a lot of it around here. Know what we haven’t had a lot of? That’s right, posts. I have been swamped with plans lately. Social plans, things I want to get done around here, things I want to watch, things I want to make, and then catching up on sleep after it’s all said and done. And then the next thing I know, it’s been weeks since I’ve posted or gone round to Davy’s or Ally’s or Greer’s or anyone else’s and said hi.

I swear I’m going to have to resort to setting Outlook reminders.

Things will get better soon though. Because of course October’s coming. You may have noticed the little Halloween Countdown link badge over there ->. I am working away busily on my posts for it.

The Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me

By the way, has anyone been watching Doctor Who? Holy crap, the last few weeks …

Oh, and P.P.S. if anyone is on Pinterest, please feel free to friend me there.

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  1. September 22, 2011 2:57 pm

    Looking forward to your Halloween offerings again this year!

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