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Halloween Bunting

October 2, 2011

Bunting is really big right now as a decor option all over the interwebs, and that’s because it’s cute as can be, super easy to make, can be used as a decoration for almost any occasion, and very modern. I made a couple of tiny buntings attached to orange sticks to decorate cakes this year, but thought having a few to hang around Casa Dane (or as I really like to think of it, Ville Villekulla) would be nice. And would tidily take care of a Halloween craft post for the Countdown. I ain’t no dummy.

The first thing you need to know is that the finished product you’ll see here is not perfect. The felt triangles are cut a little jaggedy, and the ribbon strung through a bit twisted. It’s cool; I’m not Martha. If you decide to make these or any other craft, I highly recommend not freaking out over getting things perfect (unless you’re giving it as a gift). It’s more about having fun doing it than driving yourself crazy getting it just so. If it gets jacked up, pour yourself a drink, have a laugh, and keep going.


  • One sheet of felt each in all the colors you want to use; I used four
  • a roll of ribbon
  • scissors
  • tape or something else to hang it with; thumb tacks, etc.
  • a marker you’ll be able to see on all the colors of felt you’re using
  • This is also a very inexpensive project; I only had to buy the ribbon ($1.25 for the roll at JoAnns) and the felt (.34 a sheet, also JoAnns). I chose a black, thin, satin ribbon and sheets of felt in basic Halloween colors; black, green, orange and purple.

    You can find several web sites with templates for the triangles; I used this one. (“Bunting templates – large”)

    Print out the template, and cut out a triangle to use as a guide, tracing the shape on to the felt with the marker. If you use the large ones, you can get three or four to a sheet of felt. Cut out the triangles. (You’ll notice I said to get a marker you’ll be able to see on all the colors, but I have black felt. I didn’t think that through too clearly when I bought felt and didn’t also buy a silver marker or similar. I ended up having to pin the template to the felt and cut around it.)

    You can string the triangles on the ribbon in several ways, but I chose to cut two small slits at the wide base, one on each side. I did this by folding the base over on itself and cutting the slightest bit across the fold, just the tiniest little nick.

    Decide what order if any, you want the colors to go in on the string. Then take a length of ribbon – measure it to make sure it’s the length you need to hang it where you want it – and string it through one slit and then the other, from above to below then back above. Because the cuts are so small, they will slide easily along the ribbon to go where you want them to, but won’t slide around on their own once they’re in place.

    I pushed them all in far enough to make sure they stayed on, then fastened one side, then the other to the wall, and once the bunting was in place, gently slid the triangles where I wanted them. Done!

    Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell

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    1. October 6, 2011 12:11 pm

      Love it! How long did it take you?

      • Dane permalink
        October 6, 2011 1:00 pm

        Maybe a half hour all told? It was pretty easy.

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