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Garden Time, Pt. 1

May 5, 2012

My hanging baskets, all done. Let’s hope the flowers like their new home.

So excited! Today was preliminary garden shopping with my best friend. I went a bit over budget, but not so much I should feel guilty. I got all the supplies and tools to put the garden together (next paycheck, we do Part II at Oakland Nursery and get all the plants).

I got:

  • two large plastic pots for container gardening
  • a white metal plant stand for the patio
  • three bags of potting soil, one of which is already almost gone
  • three long window boxes that will actually go on the ground on the patio for container gardening
  • a bag of bamboo stakes
  • plant food
  • two 14” coconut lined hanging baskets
  • a pack of purple viola and a couple of packs of lavender petunias for the hanging baskets.

Then I repotted two plants and got the flowers up in the hanging baskets. And went around the yard looking for enough rocks to fill the bottoms of the containers and boxes for drainage.

Am tired but excited. GARDEN!

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