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The Pipettes, Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me/Pull Shapes/ABC

July 14, 2006

So I finally get around to posting Pipettes songs, which is a little belated of me. Still, the CD’s not due out til either July 17 or the 20th, depending, so I suppose I still have a tiny bit of a jump.

The Pipettes are a throwback to the days of Phil Spector-produced girl groups; they sing delightfully poppy, hand-clappy music, they wear darling polka-dot dresses, and they visually quote “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” verbatim in their video for “Pull Shapes.” They are perfect in every way.

Every song I’ve heard from them (and as every other blogger out there has beaten me to the punch featuring them, I’ve heard many) is cotton candy in digital form.

If you’re in England, you can go here and get Pull Shapes on CD and a pair of Pipettes sunglasses for £7.99. Also white vinyl 7″ singles. And the full CD shown here, We Are The Pipettes for £9.99. And I am bitterly jealous of you.

If you’re not in England, you can order here, of course, but as it’s an import and damn expensive, perhaps it’s more worth your while to order through Recordstore and get the sunglasses.

  • Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
  • Pull Shapes
  • ABC
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    1. Katesti permalink
      July 20, 2006 7:03 pm

      I missed this last week, but someone sent me “Pull Shapes” and “Dirty Mind” yesterday and I am IN LOVE. I wanna go out and start a girl group.

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