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Tumblr Time

September 10, 2012

Hello, all!

The time has come to bid goodbye to AEAE, WordPress edition. I swear I am not trying to purposely move and make you all follow me around every three years, but I’ve had it with WordPress.

I have moved over every post (well, that I intend to move). I am looking into a way to move comments as well, there are so many I would hate to lose.

Speaking of comments, Tumblr doesn’t have any way to let people comment on a post without reblogging it or replying directly from your own dashboard (meaning either way, you have to have your own Tumblr account/blog.) I added Disqus to AEAE Tumblr, to facilitate comments from folks who don’t want to sign up with Tumblr. Basically, you create an account, log in and leave your comment, no signing-up-for-a-Tumblr-blog necessary.

To sign up for Disqus, click here.

To sign up for Tumblr, click here.

From now on, all AEAE posts will happen at the new address, which is

Thanks for everything, and I hope to see you there!

(And yes – the Halloween Countdown is a go!)

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